Prosperous Universe expands its team, starts to map out the future

Browser-based economic sandbox Prosperous Universe is one of those games that could easily slip beneath your radar. It’s an extremely indie project, that only just recently added its third team member.

This week, we’ve welcomed a new member to our team: Julian will be in charge of our PR and Community Management. The three of us spent two days planning and plotting at our headquarters, which was exhausting but also fun and productive. This week, Julian will be hogging the spotlight, but updates from the whole team are going to return in next week’s dev log.

Other previous additions include a new payment system went live at the end of last year, and very limited — but productive — tests continue with a couple of dozen players. Faster-than-light travel received some attention last month as the developers adjusted flight times, fuel consumption, and the distance that a ship must have between itself and a planet before a jump.

The factions and APEX system built into Prosperous Universe make it sound very interesting. As someone who REALLY likes in-game economies and crafting systems, a simple but highly complex game like this might just be enough of my personal crack to help scratch the itch until Star Citizen releases.

While it will be a long time before we see a full scale launch, this will be one of those titles to passively keep an eye on.

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