Outcast – Second Contact trailer released

When the original Outcast was released in 1999, it was a well-received hit, even going on to win multiple game of the year awards that year. And it looks like a remake is still going full speed ahead. Outcast – Second Contact once again stars hero Cutter Slade trying to escape from his imprisonment on the alien world of Adelpha.

Back in 2014 the development team launched a Kickstarter to help reboot the game, and for some reason, it failed to reach its funding goal. Thankfully Big Ben stepped in and offered the team a publishing deal.

Since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting more news on the remake. Well, that wait just got a bit more bearable as there’s a new high-octane trailer out for Outcast – Second Contact.

The trailer shows Cutter Slade battling his way across the hostile planet, and even collaborating with the natives when the situation calls for it. The environments look fun and varied, and as expected Cutter will have access to a large arsenal of weapons to rain death upon his enemies with.

Can’t wait to see more of Outcast– Second Contact in the future.

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