Project CARS 2 – Accolades Trailer | PS4, XB1, PC

Project Cars 2 has a new trailer, this time we get to see the various accolades the game has earned from reviewers and players. This trailer is basically a victory lap for Slightly Mad Studios after the releases of CARS 2, showcasing mixed quotes and fast-paced gameplaye.

Project Cars 2 is a racing simulation game and a sequel to 2015’s Project CARS. The title features over 180 vehicles and 60 tracks for players to race on. In addition to this expanded roster of cars and tracks, the game has also been built with eSports in mind, and as such includes in-game racing license accreditation, a dedicated director/broadcaster functionality, and better streaming integration than the first game. Project CARS 2 also allows all classes of car to race to together, which was a feature that was oddly missing from the original Project Cars.

Project Cars 2 is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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