Star Wars: The Old Republic offers more details about ‘United Forces’ server merges

The latest fall roadmap video is out, and as you could no doubt expect, it discusses the game’s upcoming server merges – which we covered in detail yesterday – extensively. Following the United Forces merge, which cuts the game back to just five servers across the US and Europe, there will no longer be a designated RP server, although the developers would like to still make RP-supporting spaces within the game; the hope is that the merge will cut down on win trading in PvP as well as improving in-game population.

Some people are concerned about what these merges tell about the future of the game and its declining player population, but there’s not much concrete info on that front. What the devs so talk about is some plans to bring back older companions and different systems for PvP rewards, although there is not any mention of future expansion plans.

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