Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite – Black Panther and Sigma Gameplay Trailer

A new trailer showing off Black Panther and Sigma, two of the characters included in the game’s first season pass, has been released by Capcom.

Sigma is of course from the Mega Man X series and is one-half of the primary antagonist of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite’s story mode, Ultron-Sigma. Black Panther is Wakanda’s king T’challa, featured prominently in Captain America: Civil War with his own movie coming soon.

Black Panther’s fighting style is not entirely dissimilar to X-23 from the previous Marvel vs. Capcom game, with quick slashes and command of movement around the arena. Sigma controls dimensional rifts with his legally-distinct-from-a-lightsaber sword, though does not seem to have his dog, which seems like an oversight.

You’ll be able to grab both of these new characters as part of the paid DLC season pass, alongside Monster Hunter. These three characters will join Black Widow, Winter Soldier and Venom on October 17.