Ancient Frontier Trailer

A new hex-based space sim hits the market today in the form of Ancient Frontier. This new entry into the growing library of space combat games is aiming to hit all the standard sci-fi tropes, all while providing an engaging strategy experience. The biggest difference with more traditional strategy games is that the overall choices your make during the story have an element of persistence and rogue-like mechanics. In short, losses you take and choices you make are permanent for that run.

The game starts with you taking control of the boy-band reject. . . ahem, main character and picking a faction. You can choose between the plucky rebel Alliance or the oppressive Martian Federation.

Gameplay takes place primarily on hex grids where the player uses a combination of abilities items weapons to overcome increasingly challenging enemies. Balancing your moves each turn with trying to get into range of enemies, all while balancing different tactics for different ship classes makes up the primary challenge of the early game.

As you complete more missions, you unlock research and new ship classes to improve your overall fleets. There’s plenty of strategy buried in the balance between ship classes and upgrades.

The visuals are interesting if a bit simple. But at least that means you’ll be able to run it on most relatively modern hardware.

Overall, the game looks promising, and the trailer looks exciting. So if you’re at all into strategy with rogue-like elements and plenty of space-based pew pew, check out Ancient Frontier!

Fair Weather Studios is very happy to announce Ancient Frontier! Ancient Frontier is a turn-based strategy role-playing game set in deep space in the far future. Players will explore, conquer, pillage, or liberate the frontiers of space.

The universe is built off of the story established in our first project, Bladestar, but takes it much deeper with warring factions, double crossing corporations, privateers, and galactic governments. Take control of massive fleets of capital ships and support craft and navigate the rich multi-faceted story of Ancient Frontier- the future of war.