NHL 18 | Launch Trailer | Xbox One, PS4

NHL 18 is coming to PS4 and Xbox One with a slew of new features and modern teams. New attack and player controls will allow players to dominate the ice like never before. Players can now make use of one handed dekes, the ability to shoot and pass between an opponents legs, and pull off puck flips. Multiple dekes can be pulled off from the same stick position, and that can give players a small extra window to score in. Meanwhile, the defensive skill stick enables players to counter these new dekes.

Franchise mode has also been massively improved. With more creation options for custom teams and and insane level of detail. A new Expansion Draft feature has been added that lets players shake up the NHL by drafting a 32nd team. Afterwards, players can manage the team and play their games. There are quite a few different cities from North America and Europe for players to choose from, and players will also have the ability to craft their own arena, uniform, and logo, and mascot.

The Las Vegas Knights are also making an appearance in and NHL game of the first time this year.

Sean Ramjagsingh, Senior Producer of NHL 18, had the following to say about the content included in NHL 18:

“There’s a generational shift happening in the NHL right now where younger players like Connor McDavid are bringing more speed, skill and creativity to the game than we’ve ever seen before. We’re so excited to bring that to life in NHL 18 with features that reflect that new NHL like insane skill moves and faster, 3-on-3 hockey.”

You can watch the game’s launch trailer, which clocks in at thirty seven seconds, above. NHL 18 is now available on PS4 and Xbox

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