Ashes of Creation – Pre-Alpha Environment Preview – PAX West Level

Ashes of Creation, was a smash-hit on Kickstarter, more than quadrupling it’s initial $750,000 goal. The dev team was able to satisfy every stretch goal they set over the course of the campaign. And as Ashes of Creation nears it’s PC release in December 2018, Intrepid Studios released a new trailer of its upcoming MMORPG.

The trailer showcases some absolutely fantastic environments part of a pre-alpha version of the game that will be playable for attendees at PAX West in September.

The open-world MMORPG will bring a world of player-driven wonder to life on it’s release. Ashes of Creation brings innovative ideas to the MMO table, with dynamic events, and the ability for players to shape the world around them, even in seemingly minute ways, such as taking control of monsters and NPCs and direct ownership and control of settlements.

The campaign for Ashes of Creation garnered an impressive $3,271,809 pledged by 19,576 backers. It included a solid prototype that presented an interesting player-driven experience, something that remains the core of the design for the game.

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