FFXIV Stormblood: Omega – Deltascape V2.0 Normal Raid Guide (Catastrophe)

The second battle in the Omega: Bend of Time Raid is quite tricky, but we’re here to help you out with fighting Catastrophe. Just like the other Omega Raids, Rhalgr’s Reach features the Hunt for Omega questline which is the start point for unlocking these fights.

You must clear Deltascape V1 before undertaking this fight, and upon completion Deltascape Bolts, Lenses, and Pedals will drop. These can then be traded in for Item Level 320 Gear.

Catastrophe is a single phase boss with alternating patterns, memorizing these patterns and their rotation is key to defeating the boss. One of the key mechanics of fighting Catastrophe relies on understanding how his attacks hit. Each attack hits along one horizontal axis. Some attacks hit players on the ground, others hit those in the air. For this fight, a new Duty Action called “Anti-Gravity Gimble” will allow players to levitate. Catastrophe will routinely pull players to the ground with his 100 Gs attack, so using the Gimble properly is a matter of timing out which attacks to dodge by levitating. It’s best to assume that the majority of the fight will be spend levitating.

As for specific attacks, each role in a raid needs to be aware of certain attacks. Catastrophe has a standard Cone AoE Cleave that targets Tanks, as well as a tankbuster called Evil Sphere. Although Evil Sphere can be mitigated with support abilities, it’s still dangerous if you mess up the timing. The first attack you need to use the Gimble against is his Earthquake. The other major ability that needs to be avoided is Six Vulns Under. This ability turns the entire arena floor black, and will slowly drag players to their deaths unless they use their Duty Action. Gravitational Manipulation causes a player to levitate involuntary and begins stacking damage, when this happens all players need to levitate and group up on the stacked player to split the damage and survive. You should not be on the ground during a Gravitational Manipulation. The last ability you need to worry about is his tentacles, Catastrophe will summon a group of marked tentacles and then leave one unmarked. Stand near the unmarked tentacle to dodge the AoEs from the others.

Be watchful for Demon’s Eye and Anti-Light. Demon’s Eye will petrify a player who is looking at the boss when it goes off, just turn your camera away when you see it casting. Anti-Light will summon a mass of AoE markers either on the ground or in air. They’re color-coded for simplicity. Blue markers target the ground and you must levitate to avoid them, orange markers hit players in the air. Sometimes these orbs will stack. if groups of the orbs are offset and appear to cover the entire arena, simply stand in the middle to dodge them. If the orbs are stacked on top of each other, there are two safe spots on opposite ends of the arena. As soon as you see these orbs, the boss is about to cast -100 Gs and throw the party into the air, you need to be in the safe areas before this happens to avoid dying.

That’s all for mechanics themselves, the boss will just repeat these sequences in different combinations until you either win or lose.

Time Skips:
Duty Action – @0:48
Basic Attacks – @1:18
Maniacal Probe – @2:00
Antilight – @2:41