FFXIV Stormblood: Omega – Deltascape V3.0 Normal Raid Guide (Halicarnassus)

To unlock this boss fight, start with the Rhalgr’s Reach quest “The Hunt for Omega”. Finishing that quest line will result in allowing the player to access the v 3.0 fight, assuming they’ve completed the previous versions of the Deltascape fights.

The drops from this raid include Deltascape Springs, Cranks and Lenses. These can then be turned in for ILevel 320 Gear sets. These sets are available from the new Gear vendor Gelfradus in Rhalgr’s Reach (X:13.7 Y:12.0).

Fighting Halicarnassus in the first few phases is quite simple. Avoiding her various Line, Cone and Donut AOEs is the key here. Make sure to avoid the front of her hitbox when she casts Ribbit to avoid being turned into a frog. Spellblade Holy is a bit more tricky to avoid. The first version of this spell is two AOE markers that need to be kept separate, this can be accomplished by moving the marked players to opposite positions in the arena. The second version spreads a smattering of Circle AOEs around the arena, move to the blank spots like you would other AOE types in this case.

Halicarnassus will also summon various types of adds to the fight. Dark Tokens for example will switch between AOEs.

The most challenging aspect of this fight is the arena itself. Halicarnassus will change the arena by creating several panels denoted by different symbols. Each role (DPS/Healer/Tank) will have a panel and associated symbol, and players must move to the correct panel in time. Messing this up will stack Vulnerability on the player, deal massive damage and put a Determination Down debuff on them.

The other set of panels you’ll see during the fight are the Crumbled Rock/Crystal panels. The bluish Crystal panels will be your safe spots when this happens. Halicarnassus will attempt to push and lure the player off the safe panels by spawning adds or using Mind Jack, so be watchful for that. Mind Jack will have a clue in the name as to which direction the player is about to be sent, so try to keep your character oriented in line with the safe panels.

Time Skips:
Phase 1 – @0:46
Phase 2 – @4:06
Phase 3 – @4:43