Black Desert Online – Mystic Teaser

Kakao Games has released a teaser trailer for the Mystic class that will be coming to the game later in 2017. She is a martial artist that uses fast-paced combinations to take on her enemies.

This fast paced new class uses martial arts to bedazzle her foes. She is especially skilled in high kicks and uses a shoulder charge move to force her way through enemy ranks. Superfast punches will put anyone off-guard, while she is preparing to combo in something more powerful such as her surging punch moves. Her grace and beauty are matched only by her ferocity.

Check out the trailer and then keep eyes on the Black Desert Online site to learn more.

The Mystic looks as though it will play like the female equivalent to the Striker class. The trailer which can be found here. The Mystic will roll out to the KR version of BDO first, with other regions receiving the class a short while later.

In the second half of 2017, players will also gain access to the Kamasylvia Expansion packed with new world bosses, the “horde mode” cooperative event, new siege war content and “an exciting new PvP arena”.