Monster Hunter World – Gameplay from 20 June Capcom Stream

Monster Hunter World was announced at E3 this year, and will be coming to the PC slightly later than its console counterparts. They’re expecting the game in “early 2018,” so it’ll be after that. Speculation is placing it around a mid-year release, just in time for Summer.

The two new big additions for Monster Hunter World are both massive breaks from tradition for the series. The stream footage shows off both the massively improved graphics engine and the open-world nature of this new game. And with Monster Hunter World heading to PC, it’s likely that these new features will be a massive selling point.

Although since I don’t speak Japanese, I’m still a bit lost as to what’s happening in the footage, especially since the last Monster Hunter game I played was a translated version of Monster Hunter 2 for PS2. But as far as I can tell, the footage is a standard series of quests in which the player must, big surprise, hunt and kill a certain set of monsters.