Dawn of War III – What is Annihilation?

Relic Entertainment have published a very interesting community update detailing their plans for Dawn of War III. The beginning of these plans entails the addition of new maps and modes to the game.

Annihilation brings two new modes –  Annihilation Classic – which involves destroying your opponent’s core structures with no faffing around and none of that Power Core nonsense: obliterate all structures. Annihilation Defenses is much the same, but you start with some brand-new turrets installed around the map.

Those same turrets make up a new multiplayer-only Doctrine. This new dontrine will make for easy base defenses

“We spend a LOT of time on the forums, and just as much looking through the data on what you’re playing, and what you’re not. We’re using that to plot out our next steps and are hoping to share plans with you soon, and get you involved in how we bring them to life.”

The new Annihilation update will include a new map called Mortis Vale, available in Annihilation and Power Core modes – and yes, all previous maps will also work in Annihilation. As part of the same update, Dawn of War 3 is getting an Engines of Annihilation skin pack. The second video has a look at what to expect from those. The new Annihilation mode will launch into battle on June 20.

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