Tropico 6 – Extended Announcement Teaser (US)

The pre-E3 teaser for Tropico 6 was cool, but now we have an extended teaser and some new details. Instead of previous developers Haemimont, Limbic Entertainment is now working on the Tropico franchise. Limbic recently worked on Might & Magic Legacy X, so lets hope that their skills can transfer to a new genre.

Tropico 6 will use Unreal Engine 4, this will allow some awesome changes to in-game mechanics. For the first time, you’ll be ruling more than just one island at a time. You’ll have to balance infrastructure to connect these islands as well as the economic and policy aspects.  The game will also include new missions for your agents to carry out in different events. Like stealing famous national monuments, just because you can.

Finally, the game will have co-op and competitive modes for up to four players at once, so get some friends and rule your own tropical paradise together. Tropico 6 is due in 2018.

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