Monster Hunter World – E3 2017 Gameplay and Details

Monster Hunter World is coming to both PC and PS4 in 2018. The new bits of footage shown on the E3 floor are blended in with the footage from Sony’s press event, but their still fun to watch.

The big news however is that for the first time, a Monster Hunter title will be headed to the PC. Ever since 2005, the Monster Hunter franchise has appeared on Sony and Nintendo consoles and been a big hit with fans, and Capcom wants that trend to continue onto new platforms.

But a new audience isn’t the only thing Monster Hunter World is bringing to the table. A new Gear system is being designed to balance the game with drop-in multiplayer and a seamless open world experience. So to say that Monster Hunter World is a break from previous titles in every way, would be mostly accurate. Except of course you’d still be killing monsters.

The drop-in multiplayer might be useful if you’re having trouble taking down a tough monster, which is to be expected at some point.

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